MONSTERS INC $MIKEa DeFi meme token designed to earn holders $INC!

Introducing MONSTERS INC $MIKE, a DeFi meme token that's not just a playful nod to a beloved classic but a serious opportunity to earn $INC. This innovative token is a favorite in the DeFi community, capturing the spirit of innovation and the endorsement of notable figures like Richard Heart. Join us in embracing the power of DeFi and the potential of $INC, where every transaction is a step towards a more engaging and rewarding crypto experience.


Verified Contract

Our smart contract at 0xa8DCD0EB29f6F918289b5C14634C1B5F443Af826 is publicly verified to ensure utmost transparency and security. This means you can see the full code, guaranteeing there are no hidden functions or vulnerabilities that could be exploited by bad actors. Verification builds trust, allowing you to interact with our platform confidently, knowing that our operations are transparent and our contract is open to community review and audit. We're committed to maintaining a secure environment, free from surprises, for our community's peace of mind.



We're committed to enhancing the value and stability of our platform. In the near future, we plan to conduct a liquidity token burn. This strategic move will reduce the overall supply of our tokens, aiming to increase scarcity and potentially the token's value for our holders. This burn is a part of our ongoing efforts to ensure a robust and secure ecosystem for our community. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting development!



We have ambitious goals ahead. Our immediate focus as a community-driven project is to cultivate a base of passionate contributors who actively engage with and support our initiative.Looking ahead, our aim is to develop a decentralized application (dApp) that will significantly contribute to the expansion and enrichment of our community. Here's to taking $MIKE to stellar heights!

Phase 1

500 Holders
Website Launch
DEX Listings/Pair Building

Phase 2

• 2,000 Tele Members

Phase 3

• Influencers
• Advertisements
• 5,000 Holders

Phase 4

• Web App
• 10k Holders


* Always remember - Never expect profit from the work of others *


Follow These Steps

1. Install Metamask

On a desktop or mobile browser install the MetaMask wallet extension or app from

2. Buy PLS

You can buy Ether on MetaMask and bridge over to Pulse via BRIDGE

3. Trade PLS for $MIKE

Visit PULSEX to connect your MetaMask wallet & trade your PLS for MIKE. Always leave some PLS in your wallet to cover gas fees

4. Add to Metamask

Pulsex will provide a metamask link, be sure to click to Add $MIKE to your Metamask Wallet so that you can see your balance. That's it!

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